“Do not raise your daughter to look for a knight. Raise her to use the sword herself” ~Unknown

Our Logo

Our studio logo was created by Daniel Callender Designs. It takes inspiration from the hand positions used in Highland Dance. These positions represent the majestic Stag antlers. Surrounding the hand position are abstract argyle socks in first position.

Highland Fling

The Highland Fling is a victory dance. It was traditionally performed over the shield of a fallen opponent. Today, this dance honors that history by requiring the dancer to remain almost in one spot. It contains fairly simple techniques to be perfected over time.

Sword Dance

The assumed history of the Sword Dance is that it is a “luck” dance prior to battle. If a soldier were to touch the sword, he may be injured in battle, and a full kick of the sword would indicate a worse fate. A clean dance indicated good luck for the impending battle. Today, if a dancer touches or kicks the sword in competition, they will receive a point reduction or disqualification for that dance. Dancers elevate over two highland broadswords, crossed on the ground, and perform to the music “Ghillie Callum”.